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Mobile Notary Services

All individuals need a notary public at some point in time because it is mandatory for many transactions and legal documents to be notarized. Finding a reputable notary public can be time-consuming, especially when you need one on short notice or in extenuating circumstances. Let Legal Liaisons, LLC, travel to your location at a time that is suitable for you, saving you time and money. We offer after-hours services, including weekends.  

Service Available in Northeast Mississippi Only

Benefits of Using Legal Liaisons' 

Mobile Notary Service

More Efficient Transactions

Mobile notary services can work on your schedule. Where some offices may be closed in the evening or on weekends, you can make arrangements for an after-hours visit with a notary professional that travels to your location.


If you’re in an area where notary services are scarce, you can hire a mobile notary public to come to you to validate documents.

Eliminate Location Limitations

All parties must be present when signing certain documents and a notary public must verify identity. A mobile notary public is an ideal option in circumstances where a party is elderly or bed-ridden. Mobile notary services can be onsite at the parties' home, an assisted living center, or hospital to make the notarization easier and more convenient.

Reasonable Cost

The cost of a mobile notary may vary depending on the distance travelled; however, usually there is a flat fee for notarization of the first document with a lower fee for each additional notarial act.

"Each and every notary public plays a crucial role in combating identity theft. They serve as our front line of defense and the public is safer because of the job they do."

~Ken Salazar~

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