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Process Server

Service of process is an essential part of legal cases, and law firms and their clients want it completed as quickly and cost-effectively as possible while adhering to the proper rules and laws. Let the professionals at Legal Liaisons, LLC, take the guesswork out of serving process and get respondents served the ethical and legal way. To request a quote or job, please fill out the form below.

Benefits of Using Legal Liaisons' 

Professional Process Servers

Speed of Service

When serving process, time is of the essence, especially considering impending court hearings and depositions. While sheriffs' offices have a host of other duties that take precedence over serving process, professional process servers perform their duties in a timely fashion even after normal working hours and make it a top priority.

Knowledge of Laws

Professional process servers are highly knowledgable of the Rules of Civil Procedure and the laws surrounding proper service of process. They know how to properly serve people in multiple jurisdictions, and they know how to properly fill out an Affidavit of Service that shows they did their due diligence. Additionally, professional process servers can provide service in local, state, and federal cases, while many jurisdictions restrict sheriffs’ departments from serving papers in federal cases.

Customer Service

A process server’s job is to make sure his or her customers are happy with their experience. They provide regular updates on the progress of your service, are available to answer questions, and work diligently to find a subject when provided with a bad address. Sheriffs’ departments simply do not have the time to handle many questions or track down a subject that is dodging service.

Success Rate

Professional process servers work varying hours in an attempt to catch elusive subjects; they will attempt to serve people after regular business hours and on weekends if other attempts have been unsuccessful. Many process servers also are able to skip trace subjects, allowing them to find people who have moved or are otherwise unable to be found at a provided address.

The Bottom Line

When choosing whether to use the sheriff or a private process server, take into consideration the many positives of moving a case along faster, including increased client satisfaction and a shortened timeline. Being able to follow the service and be apprised of status updates provides peace of mind, as does relying on a process server who is knowledgeable of all the applicable rules and laws. For law firms and legal professionals who want service completed quickly and efficiently, using the professionals at Legal Liaisons, LLC, is the clear choice.

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