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Terms and Conditions

Legal Liaisons, LLC, reserves the right to change any terms of this agreement at any time. In such case, if a refund is due it will be provided.

Please be advised we do not guarantee successful service as there are variables outside of our control.

The standard fee for an average service of process is $100 per individual served.  An additional skip tracing charge of $25 per individual traced will be added to the standard fee should the service be required.  Mileage over a 50-mile distance to the service of process addressed from in which process is initiated will be assessed at .58 per mile.  Payment is expected after completion of the service.  If the service is canceled prior to the process being served, a $25 surcharge may be assessed.

Routine service is an attempt within seven (7) days after receipt.  Attempts are often if not always made sooner than this time frame. However, we do offer ASAP and RUSH service as follows.

ASAP service is an attempt within 48 hours after receipt.  Requests must be received by 11 AM CST Monday through Friday for an attempt within 48 hours.  An additional $10 fee will be assessed for this service

RUSH service is an attempt made the same or the next day depending on when the request is received. Requests must be received by 11 AM CST Monday through Friday for same-day attempts along with confirmation that a server will be available.  An additional $20 fee will be assessed for this service.

There is a printing charge of .15 per black and white page and .30 per color page.  

All levels of service cover up to three (3) attempts at one address (unless otherwise advised) with a notarized proof of service or non-service.

If a second address is provided, payment or proof of payment of the first request is required prior to sending service to this next address. If you have two addresses that must be attempted at the same time, please advise of such in the Service Instruction field of the request form.

Updates may or may not be provided daily upon request.  

Service Available in Northeast Mississippi.


(Other locations considered upon request.)

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