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The Liaison Limelight

Rockn' Rachel J

Find out who makes it to the Limelight ~ Liaison style!

We only feature the best-of-the-best and love giving the Lowdown on them.

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Kim Brown Hood

The Woman for the Job

August 4, 2019

When a paralegal runs for public office, this Legal Liaison takes notice. Here at The Liaison Lowdown, we are proud to endorse a fellow MUW Paralegal Alumna, Kim Brown Hood, in her candidacy for Clay County Circuit Clerk.

Kim stands strong against a list of opponents all vying for the Circuit Clerk position. Unlike the majority of her rivals, Kim has an impressive and long-standing career that qualifies her not only with education but also with the needed experience to tackle the job.

As a lifelong resident of West Point and Clay County, Kim graduated with honors from West Point High School in 1991 and then received her BS in Paralegal Studies from MUW in 1995. Kim has loyally served the 16th Circuit District, which includes Clay, Lowndes, Noxubee, and Oktibbeha Counties, for 22 years. During this time, Kim has excelled as a paralegal for the District Attorney's office, and her leadership abilities led her to become a Victim Assistance Coordinator and the current Drug Court Administrator for our district. She engages in community associations and activities including serving on the Paralegal Advisory Board at MUW and is a past member of the SKW Family Services Child Advocacy Center Multi-Disciplinary Task Force as well as a past board member of ARC of Clay County.

This Liaison isn't sure what skills, education, or background qualify any of the other candidates, nor are we aware of any current or past organization affiliations that demonstrate their dedication to our community. None of the other candidates have offered any such information, so we have no choice but to assume they have none.

Without a doubt, Kim Brown Hood stands out amongst the other candidates running for Clay County Circuit Clerk. This Legal Liaison vehemently believes she is the only qualified candidate for the job, and we urge you to vote for Kim Brown Hood, a candidate worthy of The Liaison Lowdown Limelight.


Daryl Thomas

A Refreshing Change

August 6, 2019

Yesterday, this Liaison had the pleasure of speaking with Daryl Thomas, candidate for Clay County District 2 Supervisor and let me just say, he rocks! The Liaison Lowdown is proud to officially announce their support to elect Daryl and bring about some much-needed change.

Daryl is a life-long resident of not only West Point and Clay County, but a life-long resident of District 2. He graduated from West Point High School in 1990 and continued his education at EMCC where he graduated with honors in Electrical Technology in 1991. Aside from his education and training, Daryl brings to the table an ample amount of qualifications including his current position working as a lineman for West Point Electric and being the owner of 3-D's Trucking. He has exhibited leadership skills throughout his career and has a vast working knowledge operating and overseeing the maintenance of various equipment, skills needed to fill the position of Supervisor. Daryl remains active in his community, attends Northside Christian Church, and has the support of his wife, Kahla Thomas, along with his three children.

But let's get to the main point I immediately recognized in Daryl: his commitment to new approaches to solve old problems. When I asked him what his main objective would be if he were to be elected, his response made this Liaison proud. He simply said, "open communication with the constituents." He went on to explain that during his campaign, he had come to realize the chief complaint in District 2 was that the citizens felt as though their voice was not being heard. Daryl says if elected, he plans on providing his constituents with the opportunity to have their voices heard and their concerns addressed through open and transparent meetings for each voting precinct within the district. Here you have a fresh face with fresh ideas and a fresh vision. Now, I ask you, is that not refreshing?

District 2, take it from this Liaison. Say good-bye to the old ways of the past and vote in a refreshing change by casting your vote for Daryl Thomas, Clay County District 2 Supervisor.

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